Workplace environment matters

I had the chance to work for a private company, actually, a startup when I was a first-year student at university. The company consisted of about 10 people and all worked under the same office. The first time I came to the office, the boss made me sit and drink tea as he was telling... »»»

Fixing the "Preparing virtual machine" on Visual Studio Emulator for Android

I was trying to run the Android emulator to debug my react-native app, but the Visual Studio Emulator refused to run it and gave me the message of "Preparing virtual machine" for hours... After a quick research, I found out that the problem was somewhat caused by the virtual switches itself. That is true that... »»»

Bloggers should give Ghost a try

These days, you can easily find websites/ blogs powered by WordPress: from a personal blog to a big magazine or even an e-Commerce website. WordPress are everywhere. With an incredible growth, WordPress has been supporting more and more features that can do almost anything on Earth. But due to this, it's going further from its... »»»

Troubles with .xyz domain

Introduction Chances you come here after googling for a while for the keywords something similar to this one "Should I register for a .xyz domain?". My answer is 'do NOT ever do this'. Why? .Xyz is more spamming-like Although .xyz is the hottest top-level domain (gTLD) recently and it is gaining more and more popular,... »»»